Arteim is a creative studio that operates at the crossroads of design, architecture and performing arts, melding the varied nuances of the disciplines to deliver thoughtful and innovative products and interiors.


Founded by London based designers Andrew Hays and Kimm Kovac, Arteim’s approach is as collaborative as it is uncensored in it’s aesthetic. Drawing on established relationships with like-minded artisans and manufacturers from around the world who share a passion for design and craftsmanship, Arteim introduces a highly innovative approach to production, tapping craftsman local to each project where possible. This wholly unique infrastructure not only drives local economies, it supports a minimal carbon footprint. 

As well as launching it's own products, Arteim caters to a broad client base working on bespoke commissions for private clients, designers, real estate developers and global brands, bringing their unmatched perspective across industries.

Over the past two decades, Kimm & Andrew have brought their unique vision to multiple design platforms. Beginning their careers in architecture, they have have since worked extensively as creatives for theatre, opera, film, branding, interiors and product design. They embrace each new project as an opportunity to draw on their multidisciplinary experience and their love of narrative, detail and design innovation.

Kimm & Andrew’s unique aesthetic sits closely at the intersection of architecture and performance. Drawing their inspiration from a wide range of sources, perhaps one of their greatest shared passions is design for opera. As the most emotionally direct of all art forms in the way it combines storytelling, lighting, sound and space, its influence on their design is clear.