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This Arteim designed interior formed part of a barn conversion in South Wales and drew upon their Epoch collection of furniture. To minimise impact on the building’s ancient structure, the kitchen, dining space and wine room furniture was designed to be largely freestanding. Arteim drew on the beautiful colours that naturally existed in the building’s stonework, selecting a combination of pale oak and oak hand dyed in a deep green to offset the iron hues in the stone. Mixing metals such as rolled steel and brass paid homage to some of the machinery that was once housed in the space.


Arteim designed custom shelving in the adjacent cellar, for wine and dry goods. Their 'Sink block' manufactured with honed stone cabinet doors features an Arteim designed sink made from milled steel in the classic butler sink style. The island and freestanding cabinets are finished in chevron oak that was hand dyed in a deep green hue. To avoid any fixings in the restored stone work, the long shelf above the sink run has been ceiling mounted.

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