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Arteim has a passion for celebrating materials old and new.  Fuming timber enhances the natural grain and texture of wood. Arteim like to use classic finishes in unexpected ways and are constantly sourcing and developing unique treatments that will bring textural interest, elegance and individuality to their designs. Although no two Arteim pieces are the same, they are all united by one common thread: the unrivaled quality of our materials and craftsmanship.

"It’s about creating beautiful spaces. It’s about using materials that will stand the test of time. But, more than this, it’s about forging an emotional connection. Materials are tactile, expressive, stimulating – they engage the senses beyond the visual. The cool, smooth surface of marble; the warmth of patinated metals; the rough-hewn finish of raw wood juxtaposed with its sanded and polished counterpart… colour, texture and form are the very fabric of any design. When materials are skillfully combined, each brings out the best in the next, providing variety and contrast."

Kimm Kovac and Andrew Hays

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