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The Arteim Scullery table is an open preparation island in reference to the Victorian era kitchen table, baking bench and pot stand.


Arteim conceived the scullery table in response to creating more lightweight island furniture that could be customised for a specific use. The scullery table design has seen many incantations from baking tables with stone tops for pastry, to the entire top being formed from ancient foraged oak slabs


The scullery table can be manufactured in any size or finish and can be fitted out with crystal glass pourers in two sizes. Handmade from original moulds created in Germany in the 1920’s, the pouring drawers are for regularly used dry goods and spices, and can be backlit by a concealed LED panel. The island drawers are push to open and can be customised with features such as built in electronic baking scales, kitchen paper dispensers and technology charging outlets.

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