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As part of a full house restoration, Arteim designed a series of furniture pieces for a scullery and butlers pantry. The scullery, a tiled room off the main kitchen space was to house crockery and be used for additional food preparation. Responding to the original architecture of the space Arteim designed simple in-frame cabinets on feet, some featuring mesh panel inserts on door fronts for ventilation. The counter top is a natural stone found in England and the colour for the cabinetry was chosen when some of the buildings original wall colours were uncovered during building works. Arteim also designed the glass and brass tab handle, a simple square of artisan glass that is a modern take on the more traditional style knob.


Arteim designed a small oak sideboard used for the arranging of cut flowers. A brass rail with hooks set onto the splashback, was designed specifically for hanging shears, scissors and herbs brought in from the clients garden.

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